Each time we run #DITTELTA, we actively seek (and we act on!) feedback from participants. Comments from previous #DITTELTA students are shown below.

“I really loved the weekly webinar. The sessions were lively, entertaining and hugely informative. A good sense of class community was built up quite easily – facilitated both by discussions during the weekly webinar and also through the collaborative activities students were required to organise independently. It gave a huge insight to students’ experiences in a fully online environment and I would definitely recommend any academic thinking of moving some of their teaching online to take this module. I also feel that the structured exercises during the module have taught me some valuable practical skills – the fact that we were essentially forced to use new tools to complete particular exercises meant that not only did we learn some of the theory underpinning elements of elearning but we also gained experience of the tools themselves – and the realisation that many useful and free online tools are simple enough to learn independently in an hour or two.”


“…there was of fun and enjoyment to this module. It was professionally run. The tutors were fantastic with the course well run and designed. I have learned so much from this module in not only learning from the literature but to how an online class is delivered and what it feels to be that online student! So much to take away from this module going forward into the future! Thank you!!!”


“There was plenty of opportunity and encouragement to interact during the weekly webinar. The live online webinar was in fact a more inclusive, interactive and stimulating environment than most class-based lectures I have attended.”


“Very stimulating and interesting, I learned a lot about what is available for education. I also was appreciative of the way there was both positive and negative opinions on use of social media for education, that we were given clear information that would allow us to critically appraise the use for our teaching.”


“The assessment rubric was available from the beginning of the module and also lecturers have been available throughout the module for questions re. assessment, particularly the weekly “office hours” session was useful as it was specifically dedicated to any questions participants needed to raise.”


“The lecturers were passionate and enjoyable to work with.”


“The course material was excellent.”



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