Module Timeline

This is an 7 week module will run again in early January 2018Webinars will take place on a weekly basis, and the purpose of these webinars is to introduce topics and activities, answer any queries, and stimulate engagement with, and discussion around, the topics. The webinars will be supported by a range of materials online such as podcasts, videos, readings and infographics etc.

Pre-module Preparation Week: Jan 3rd 2018 – Jan 10th 2018
In preparation for the module all participants must ensure that they can log into Blackboard and check that they can access Collaborate, which will be used to facilitate the webinars. They will be asked also to edit their Blackboard profile, submit a short Personal Learning Contract and set up a Twitter account.

Further details on these activities will be emailed to all participants including a link to a screencast demonstrating Blackboard.

*Note: All webinars run on Wednesdays for 1 hour from 13:00 to 14:00 GMT

Webinar Introducing Topic 1: ‘Exploring the Current eLearning
Landscape’: Jan 10th 2018

The module will begin on Jan 10th with an opening webinar at 13:00 to 14:00 to welcome participants, introduce course tutors and cover the course logistics including: Course overview; Learning outcomes; Assessment; Participation and expectations; Technical issues; Support contacts etc.

Topic 1 will be introduced also: Drivers of technology-enhanced learning; Changing roles of educators and learners; 21st century learners; Digital literacy; Emerging trends and issues.

Webinar Introducing Topic 2: ‘Content and Resources’: Jan 17th 2018
Sourcing free elearning resources; Designing and developing elearning content; Integrating technologies into the curriculum.

Webinar Introducing Topic 3: ‘Communication’: Jan 24th 2018
Online communication and interaction; Creating online communities; Personal learning networks; Netiquette.

Webinar Introducing Topic 4: ‘Student Activity and Collaboration’: Jan 31st 2018
Roles and skills of the online tutor; Designing collaborative activities; Motivating and engaging students in the online environment.

Webinar Introducing Topic 5: ‘eAssessment’: Feb 7th 2018
Effective assessment in a digital age; gamify your eAssessments

Webinar Introducing Topic 6: ‘Digital Futures’: Feb 14th 2018
The impact of technology on education and our students; The changing role of education and scholarship in a digital world; Future trends and predictions.

Webinar: Guest Speaker ‘Digital Futures’: Feb 21st 2018

Webinar – Student presentations & module wrap-up: Feb 28th 2018

2 weeks after the wrap-up webinar, the final assessment will be due for submission


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