Module Design

Our “Personal Learning Objective” Approach

Setting your personal learning objectives

Click here for more information on setting your personal learning objectives.


This fully online module has been designed to give participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in existing and emerging learning technologies. In contrast to most continuing professional development modules which have a set of pre-defined learning outcomes, when designing this module we have taken a unique approach where we ask participants to set their own personal learning objectives (PLOs) at the outset of the course.

This approach enables participants to reflect on the weekly topics from their own professional perspectives and it also gives participants the opportunity to develop their personal learning networks as they discuss meaningfully, with like-minded peers, how technologies could be utilised to enhance learning, teaching and assessment experiences. (Click here for more information on writing your PLO.)


Time Commitment: what we expect from you and what you can expect from us
To successfully achieve the 5 ECTS accreditation of TELTA, it is expected that participants will commit in the region of 100 hours to the module (over the course of 8 weeks), between webinars, online work and personal study time.

Participants will be encouraged to engage in all of the webinars which will be run over the course of the module. These webinars introduce and explore relevant topics and will be supported by a variety of teaching methods including group work, student-led discussions, reflective writing, and self- and peer evaluation. Participants will also be expected to engage heavily in independent learning activities such as preparatory and follow-up reading for online discussions, as well as background work in preparation for some of the online group activities.

Throughout the module, the course tutors will be actively involved in contributing to, and moderating, discussion boards, and in providing support, advice and guidance to participants. We encourage all participants to post issues or questions (both technical and non-technical) to the discussion boards where they can be guaranteed a prompt response: however tutors can also be contacted directly via email and we will endeavour to reply to all queries within 24 hours.


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