This module will be formally assessed at Level 9 on the National Framework for Qualifications (5 ECTS): module credits can also contribute towards the MA in Higher Education, offered by DIT.

(1) Participants will be required to engage in a series of short continuous assessments over the course of the module. Some of these assessments will be collaborative in nature whilst others can be done on an individual basis. Further details on these assessments will be provided within the module itself.

(2) Participants will be required to apply in theory what has been discussed and reviewed over the course of the module that they themselves are involved with (for example, in a development/teaching capacity). To evidence this, participants must submit an detailed mindmap of that module indicating where, why and how technologies could be integrated within their teaching, learning and assessment practices so as to enhance, modify and transform the teaching, learning and assessment experiences of the student. Participants can work on this assessment on a weekly basis or it can be completed when all of the module topics have been covered: in this way participants can arrange their study commitment around their busy work schedules.

(3) Participants must also submit a 600 word reflective piece which re-examines their Personal Learning Objectives (as set in their Learning Contract) in light of what they feel they have achieved during the module. This reflective piece should also describe and reflect on the process the participants went through when deciding where and how to integrate technologies in their chosen module.

All three aspects of the assessment (i.e. the continuous assessments, the mindmap & the reflective writing piece) must be passed in order to pass the module and achieve the 5 ECTS credits. Please note also that as many of the webinars are integrated with the CAs, participants will be required to attend all of the webinars run during the module in order to pass the module.


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